Origin of the Essiac Formula


Rene Caisse did not obtain her Essiac tea formula directly from an Indian medicine man.  Rene emphatically stated:  " I want this clearly understood.  I did not get my treatment from an Indian.  In fact I never saw an real Indian in my life."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 73]  In 1922 Rene Caisse was working in a northern Ontario hospital when she met an English woman who had been cured of breast cancer by an herbal tea in the 1890s.  The English woman told Rene Caisse that she had gotten the formula from a native American and Rene Caisse wrote down the herbs.  She experimented with the formula, tested it and eventually refined the formula in her cancer clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario.  The Essiac formula was apparently inspired by a native American "medicine man", but no one has provided any verifiable evidence of what the original native American formula was.   


Was Essiac tea derived from an Ojibway formula?  [Ojibway is also spelled Ojibwa or Ojibwe]


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