What types of cancers were successfully treated by Rene M. Caisse?

 Essiac Tea Successes at the Bracebridge Cancer Clinic

"At least eighteen different types of cancers from the Bracebridge case histories are on record as having been successfully treated with the tea.  This include cancers of:

the breast, cheek, kidney, pancreas, stomach, bladder, oesophagus, jaw, penis, uterus, cervix, ear, lip, prostate, bowel, chin, nose, rectum.

Many of the cancers successfully treated since 1977 are included in the list of early case histories.  Others reported are cancer of:

the brain, tonsils, bone, ovaries, eye, salivary gland as well as lymphatic leukaemia and lymphoma."  [ESSIAC ESSENTIALS, p. 41]

"Essiac's primary function appears to boost the immune system and stimulate feelings of well-being in whoever is using the tea, as well as possibly providing some general remedial value in treating cancerous conditions.  Considering this, Essiac may have some beneficial effect on any cancer, both primary and metastatic, depending on the individual person."  ESSIAC--THE SECRETS OF RENE CAISSE'S HERBAL PHARMACY, p. 121]

"In the past, Rene Caisse treated a variety of cancerous conditions, most of them considered beyond all medical help.  Diagnoses then were usually confirmed by clinical examinations, X-rays and sometimes with a biopsy.  Her case histories revealed favorable results in the treatment of all types of facial and head cancers; those of every internal organ, including the liver and pancreas, two of the most difficult to arrest; cancers of the male and female organs, lymph glands and others.  Many patients treated by the nurse improved and some completely healed.  Nor were these improvements limited to cancer cases exclusively.  Cysts, fibroid tumors, chronic mastitis and ulcers similarly responded to her therapy.  Today's cancers treated successfully with this remedy include those already mentioned, as well as tumors of the brain, bone, eye, ovaries, salivary glands, tonsils and even leukemia."  [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC by Sheila Snow, p. 126]

Rene Caisse stated:  "After a few treatments, patients seemed to throw off their depression, fear and distress.  Their outlook became optimistic and as pain decreased, they became happy and talkative.  I can truthfully say that I have in many cases been able to stay the disease and in some really bad cases, prolong life.  In practically all cases, pain and suffering were alleviated so that the patient was not compelled to resort to opiates or narcotics in increasing doses, as usually is the case.  My decoction is a non-toxic drink made from herbs which are of definite benefit for cancer."  [THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC, p. 122-3]


"We all have the right to benefit from Essiac because no one can stop us making it, no one can stop us taking it and no one can stop us deciding how and when we're going to do it."  [THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein, 2006] 

The Truth about Essiac: 
Rene Caisse and her Herbal Cancer Treatment, ESSIAC


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