Peanut Butter and Barium Sandwiches

By Nicholas Jones

Earth Day approaches.  A time for appreciation, reflection and action.  Activists mobilize to defend the responsible stewardship of this precious blue sphere.  Global warming remains the big issue on the podium and in Big Media.  But the focus on chimney stacks and car exhaust rising from the ground is distracting world attention from a far more apocalyptic operation underway in the sky:  global warming mitigation.  While environmentalists have long argued that a warm, fuzzy blanket of greenhouse gas threatens to melt polar ice caps, the silver lining, quite literally, turns out to be the solution, as proposed in a paper delivered before the 22nd International Seminar on Planetary Emergencies, in 1997, by E. Teller et al.

The author, to be more precise, is ‘E’ for Edward, preceded by ‘Dr.’, the co-father of the H-Bomb and darling savant of the US Department of Defense and the military-industrial-academic establishment, the same Dr. T who in the 50’s invented a perky little radiation mascot, Readi Killowat, while proposing to create artificial harbours by nuking the coastline.  Although we got the bomb, thankfully, the glowing harbours never got the green light.  But on April 24, 2001, the New York Times confirmed that he had indeed “promoted the idea of manipulating the earth's atmosphere to counteract global warming.”  The Spin:  a lining of aluminum chaff scattered into the upper atmosphere to create a sun screen - like a giant emergency blanket wrapping the earth - to reflect UV radiation back into space and save the world!

Brilliant!  A chrome-plated planet.  But here’s the catch:  What goes up, must come down.  Over three months, three separate rainwater and snow samples from Chapel Hill, North Carolina were collected and submitted for ‘double-blind’ laboratory analysis in March, 2002.  Tests were ordered for several elements which should not be present in normal rain or snow.  The result was devastating news about the health of our ecosystem:  all samples consistently revealed enough of the following materials to indicate that they were present in the atmosphere “in large amounts...and concentrated form”  through a “very controlled delivery (dispersion),” primarily:  aluminum and barium.

Follow the chemical trail, from A-Z. Aluminum, inhaled or ingested, as we have all been warned, makes us forget the warnings that aluminum makes us other words:  Aluminum - bad.  Barium compounds that dissolve well in water (like rain) will cause a whole host of symptoms, from breathing difficulties to brain swelling.  Barium is hygroscopic, a desiccant or drying agent:  itchy eyes, burning throat, asthma, allergies, nose and lung bleeds.  Barium - really bad.  Just ask Readi Kilowatt’s chemical counterpart, Mr. Yuk!  Most of us will remember the mean, green man who stopped us from downing a bottle of Bleach when we were six.  The Mr. Yuk for our corner of earth is technically the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) in the south, and Environment Canada, where it snows.  However, barium hasn’t even been classified by the EPA with respect to human carcinogenity because no studies have even been done on people.  Surprisingly, aluminum is also a no show on the list of hazardous air pollutants.

But check any Material Safety Data Sheet and you’ll find barium clearly marked: “DANGER! MAY BE FATAL IF SWALLOWED” with the “Health Rating: 3 - Severe (Life)”.  Hey kids, bring out your “GOGGLES and GLOVES” Mr. Yuk’s taking you on a picnic!  But, here’s the scary part, on the same Data Sheet, under Environmental Toxicity:  “No information found”.  Barium has twenty times more chronic lethality than the worse organic-chlorinated pesticide (private interview with R. Mike Castle, Nationally Accredited Environmental Risk Auditor). Confusing?  Not really - nobody with enough acuity to read has been reckless enough to intentionally release barium into the ecosystem.  Until now.

When anhydrous barium (mon)oxide reacts with water, forming barium hydroxide (commonly known as soluble barium salts), the chemical reaction liberates a lot of heat. And where there’s heat, there’s fire.  Let’s connect the dots.  Follow closely:  February 17, 2002 UP Science News headlines, “Pollution drying up rainfall” - when particles are too small to seed nice fat raindrops, “the clouds that do form...have a hard time to rain.”  These tiny particles are called “aerosols” by scientists, and long term exposure is now “an important environmental risk factor for cardiopulmonary and lung cancer mortality” (Journal of the American Medical Association).  Bad news for the humans.

It gets worse for the earth, and here’s where the heat turns up: a third of the United States and even vast tracts of Canadian Prairie are suffering from acute drought conditions, some of the worst shortages in years.  Rivers are literally drying up. Reservoirs are at record low levels.  New York has declared a drought emergency.  Montana is officially a drought disaster area.  Even the UN warns of severe water shortages by 2025 - globally.  Back to the lab:  barium has a much lower “specific heat” value of 0.19 as compared to air (1.003) and water (4.184).  When introduced at higher altitudes, barium will have a net effect of increasing the temperature of the atmosphere.  Ergo: it gets hot and dry.

Why would anyone want to do that to the earth?  Ask the military: In 2025 (a familiar date), US aerospace forces plan to “own the weather” by “capitalizing on emerging technologies and focusing development of those technologies to war-fighting applications."  The Weather as a Force Multiplier, August 1996).  In a summary table, under the column “DEGRADE ENEMY FORCES”, among all the nasty options we find:  “Precipitation Denial - Induce Drought”.  The smoking gun, not surprisingly always sits on the rack in a Department of Defense pick up truck.  Technicians working at the Tesla Center, Wright Patterson Air Force Base, in Dayton, Ohio, have positively identified aluminum, barium, polymer webs with melanin, ethylene glycol-based monoacrylates and other heavy metals used extensively for weather modification projects for years (R. Mike Castle).

What a wicked, tangled web it is--literally.  And here’s where we find the other half of our sandwich:  DYN-O-Gel.  Sounds like a product Ronco might distribute, but it is actually the trade name for cross-linked aqueous polymer, US Patent 6,315,213 awarded two years ago to one Peter Cordani.  When dispersed into a storm it forms a gelatinous substance which falls to the ground, “thus diminishing the clouds ability to rain.”  Dial-O-Matic in the weather!

And if you took your Pocket Fisherman to Florida Bay last month, you would have probably caught some of those “gelatinous blobs floating in it and spider-weblike filaments.”  In January, fishermen in the Bay of Mexico began to report on a zone of lifeless water, about the size of Lake Athabasca, they dubbed “black water”.  By early April, divers off Key West found dead and dying sponges, a trail of devastation and no answers.  Clearly, none of the baffled marine biologists read Woman’s World magazine:  an article in the March 19 edition proudly announced that a Florida research firm had discovered “a powder that will give you perfect weather every day,” and that in a top-secret test, this weather wonder drug was scattered over a storm by military planes.   The company spokesman:  Peter Cordani.  The product:  DYN-O-Gel. The Spin:  it will “protect the lives of millions, but it’ll protect your leisure time, too.”

The most plausible explanation for “black water”:  a recent real world test on a hurricane released enough Gel into the atmosphere to kill everything in the sea below.  What goes up, must come down.  So what about humans breathing in this miracle product?  Mike Castle explains how these fine acrylic acrylate powders will suck all the moisture from your lungs, sticking the insides together--in two words:  “extremely toxic”.  Not advised.  The problem:  as with airborne barium and other heavy metals, there is as yet no environmental impact assessment for this product or any other kinds of weather manipulation chemistry.  Then why is it being sprayed into our skies?

Look Up!  Connect the Dots.  Follow the Patents.  Smell the Air.  Taste the Water.  Control the Spin.  Tell Everyone.  The Truth is Copyright Free.


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Aerial Spraying, Scattering and Chaff Operations (“chemtrails”), recommended sites:
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Clifford Carnicom’s site has a wealth of images, documents and more links by this energetic researcher: Chemtrail  Crimes and Cover-up Documented:
Mark Steadhams’ in-depth report based on observations in Houston, Texas, is included on this excellent site: Chemtrail Central:
Tim Edwards’ site incorporating the former ‘Chemtrail Information Webring’: DreamScape News:
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Canadian independent journalist, author and videographer Will Thomas has published books and a video:  LifeBoat News:
And just in case you thought this phenomenon was limited to North America, here’s an amazing site which documents aerial operations over the Croatian town of Rijeka: Deep Space 4:

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