I like to encourage people to become more self-reliant by growing their own Essiac herbs.  When you purchase Essiac tea from someone else, you don't know for sure if you are getting the right herbs in the correct proportions or if it has been harvested or brewed correctly.  If you want quality Essiac tea that you know is right, then grow it organically in your own backyard.  Also, there is a certain satisfaction in growing your own Essiac and brewing it yourself in your own kitchen. 


You may live in an area where sheep sorrel, turkey rhubarb, burdock and/or slippery elm grows wild.  If you are wildcrafting these herbs, always get the permission of the land owner first.  Beware of wildcrafting on state or federal lands.  Oftentimes burdock and other medicinal herbs are considered by "the government" to be invasive, "exotic" weeds and they spray toxic, cancer-causing herbicides on them.  Also, when you buy wildcrafted herbs from someone else, you cannot be sure that the herbs are free of toxic herbicides even if they were wildcrafted deep in the forest.


Sheep sorrel, turkey rhubarb and burdock are all easy to grow.  They favor a cool, moist climate.  Also, sheep sorrel plants establish themselves and multiply quickly; whereas, sheep sorrel seeds take more care to propagate.  Slippery elm is usually wildcrafted because it is not so easy to grow and takes years of growth before you can harvest it.  There is no guarantee that you will be successful in germinating and growing these herbs due to the many variables in climate, soil, moisture, season and gardening skills.


Essiac seeds may be available through


"No one can stop anyone from picking a weed and turning it into a tea."  [THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein, 2006]




HOW TO MAKE ESSIAC TEA VIDEO:  CLICK HERE to watch the video on How to Make Essiac Tea in your own home.


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