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FIRST THE GOOD NEWS:  Kudos to the Alliance for Natural Health USA,, for their recent lawsuit victory against the FDA!  The FDA had banned claims that selenium, vitamin E and vitamin C were effective in reducing risk of cancer.  On April 13th the US District Court in DC ruled that the FDA's actions were unconstitutional!  The reversal of this unconstitutional FDA ban is a victory for natural supplement free speech.  However, it is unfortunate that We the People must spend extraordinary amounts of money fighting the federal government on First Amendment issues. 


Fortunately, a bill to protect food free speech has been introduced into Congress, the "Free Speech about Science Act", HR 1364, which American citizens can support to reaffirm our First Amendment rights.  The Free Speech about Science Act would allow food and food supplement businesses to reference scientific studies for making claims about their products.   Please contact your senators and representatives and let them know that you support free speech for natural health.


Alliance for Natural Health logoAlliance for Natural Health is doing a terrific job to help preserve our natural rights, so please take the time to visit their website and donate a couple bucks so that they can continue their efforts.


The European branch of the Alliance for Natural Health has been preparing to challenge the implementation of the European Union Directive called "The Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive" (THMPD), which will become effective on May 1, 2011.  As incredible as it sounds, THMPD will ban most herbs in Europe in just a few days!  THMPD was discussed in the February newsletter.  Here is a link to video information and a petition for the European members of parliament at




NOW THE BAD NEWS:  The US Senate has just passed another "food safety" act which, if passed by the House, may give the FDA more ammunition to attack herb suppliers, natural food supplement manufacturers and health food producers.  The Senate's "Food Safety Accountability Act", S. 3767, introduced by Patrick Leahy (D-VT), contains vague language that can be used by the FDA to imprison innocent people for as much as ten years!  Jason Vale, for example, has already served a five-year prison sentence for selling apricot pits and telling people how he used this natural remedy to treat his own cancer.  Now the federal government wants to impose stiffer penalties and make it much easier to throw innocent people in prison.


The problem is in the use of the terms "adulterated" and "misbranded".  The FDA has no exact definitions for these words in relation to the introduction of any food or supplement into interstate commerce.  For example, a food can be considered by the FDA to be "misbranded" even if the producer makes a true statement about a food product but doesn't have FDA permission to do so.  Again, this is a violation of the First Amendment.  The FDA can (and will) twist these words to mean whatever they want it to mean in order to attack people who sell natural remedies.  This Orwellian bill does not require that there to be any intent to harm, so a mere paperwork error by a small business could be treated just as harshly as a big corporation that knowingly sells tainted food.


Free speech is free speech.  There is no need or constitutional authority to regulate food free speech.  There are already civil and criminal remedies to handle people and corporations who intentionally commit fraud.  We don't need political agencies, regulations and statutes to support the pharmaceutical giants by attacking nature remedies.  For what it's worth, contact your US Representatives and tell them not to even consider this act or a similar bill in the House.

MORE BAD NEWS:  The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently created new and arbitrary requirements for any food or dietary supplement health-related claim—and is enforcing them—in direct violation of federal law.   The FTC is now requiring two random-controlled human trials for any health-related claim.  This includes even making general statements like "vitamin D boosts the immune system" or "calcium builds strong bones".  Such general claims are legally allowed under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA).  Random controlled human trials are extremely expensive to conduct.  Therefore, this unconstitutional, illegal requirement would effectively ban free speech and may put many herb suppliers and food supplement manufacturers out of business.  Is this the "Change you can believe in" that we have been waiting for?  Click here for more information.

According to the American Medical Association, drugs approved by the FDA kill approximately 100,000 Americans in hospitals every year!  (This is not counting the people killed by FDA-approved drugs outside of hospitals!)  According to a U.S. National Poison Data System report, the number of people killed in 2009 across America by vitamins, minerals, amino acids or herbal supplements is exactly ZERO!  In fact, these natural foods and supplements actually improve health and save lives!  So why is the federal government attacking natural remedies?  In the words of Dr. Gary Glum, "The FDA and the FTC are the leg-breakers for the pharmaceutical cartels."


link to biography of Herbert L. Ley, Jr., MD

Let us not forget what a former Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Herbert Ley, said about the FDA fraud:

“The thing that bugs me is that people think the FDA is protecting them.  It isn't.  What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day.  First, it is providing a means whereby key individuals on its payroll are able to obtain both power and wealth through granting special favors to certain politically influential groups that are subject to its regulation.  This activity is similar to the 'protection racket' of organized crime." 

In other words, the FDA is nothing more than a federal pharmaceutical mafia that is waging all-out war against honest citizens who provide health-giving herbs, food supplements and natural foods.  Let us not be complacent and let us not allow the federal government to ban herbs and other natural remedies like the EU is currently doing.



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