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 Is There Gold in Fort Knox?


What you are about to read may astound you.  Most of us in America grew up believing that there is gold in Fort Knox and all those gold bars back the US dollar.  However, we now know that the Federal Reserve is privately-owned and controlled by the wealthiest bankers in the world.  We also know that the US "dollar" (i.e., Federal Reserve Note) is not backed by anything.  Earlier this year I visited the US Mint website and discovered that there was no gold or silver bullion available to mint American Gold Eagle and American Silver Eagle dollars!  These coins are legal tender and the US mint is required to mint these coins pursuant to the Legal Tender Act and Article I, Sections 8 & 10 of the US Constitution.  So why can't the US Mint have more gold shipped from Fort Knox to mint more gold coins?  The answer is simple--There is no gold in Fort Knox!


The public is not even allowed to look at the gold bars in the US Bullion Depository (aka the "Gold Vault").  In a recent radio interview Bob Chapman of The International Forecaster  reported that former employees of Fort Knox told him there was no gold there.  He indicated that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York may have it but there's no way to know that because Congress has allowed "the Fed" to operate in secrecy.  According to Congressman Ron Paul, the Federal Reserve took control of the "Gold Vault" at Ft. Knox and Congress has repeatedly refused to perform their annual duty to audit the gold in Fort Knox.  That may be about to change.


AUDIT THE FED:  Both Democrats and Republicans are supporting a bill to hold these banksters accountable by introducing legislation to audit the Federal Reserve Bank.  The proposed bill, HR 1207, now has 186 co-sponsors!  Visit the following web page for updates:


The Fed has been allowed to operate in total secrecy.  A thorough audit of the Fed will reveal their crimes and then a real change can occur.  The international banksters have stolen the American people's gold while Congress and Barack Obama bail them out with tax dollars that the IRS will extort (at gun point if necessary) from the American people.  Most people are unaware that the checks to the IRS from American citizens do not go to the US Treasury--They go to the privately-owned Federal Reserve Bank.  Also, the banksters are trying to implement a "carbon tax" to be paid directly to the United Nations!


In short, these elitist banksters are robbing the American people in plain sight and getting away with it.  They are putting our children and grandchildren in perpetual involuntary servitude (aka slavery) to pay off a fraudulent and unconscionable debt (which, mathematically, can never be paid off).  We also now know that their goal is a global cashless currency which will enable them to control the world.  The US Constitution specifically prohibits "involuntary servitude" and "slavery" [Please read the 13th Amendment].  Also, the Declaration of Independence states "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed." 


Now is the time to stop consenting to the financial tyranny of the Federal Reserve Banksters.  It is time to audit the Fed and expose their crimes.  This, in turn, will hopefully lead to the ending of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank and the restoration of constitutional money.  As a sovereign nation the US can create its own money and does not need a private banking system that is owned and controlled by operatives of elitist corporations like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, International Monetary Fund, Bank of International Settlements, World Bank, etc.  Bernie Madoff is only one of many international banksters who should be put behind bars.  Please take the time to contact your representatives in Congress and urge them to support auditing the banksters. 





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