Health Freedom Info Newsletter -- May 3, 2011






"The nuclear industry has a history of duplicity and cover-up." -- Dr. Christopher Busby


This newsletter will explore in more detail the potential health problems that many people in the northern hemisphere may experience due to the nuclear disaster that has been occurring in Japan.  The purpose of this newsletter is not to alarm and create fear but to present information by experts that will promote health and help prevent the long-term effects of "low-level" radiation exposure.  There is really no need to worry because there are natural ways to detox radiation.


The media and the Japanese and American governments have been grossly downplaying the potential adverse health effects from this radiation.  According to nuclear plant engineers and nuclear health experts such as Dr. Christopher Busby, Dr. Bill Deagle, Dr. Michio Kaku, Leuren Moret, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Arnold Gunderson and Michio Ishikawa, it appears that we have not been told the whole truth about what occurred at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant in March and April of 2011.  For example, information is now being released which indicates that there was a major problem with reactor #3.  Recently, nuclear experts Arnold Gunderson and Professor Christopher Busby publicly indicated that the reactor #3 explosion was not just a hydrogen explosion.


Arnold Gunderson


Arnold Gunderson, chief nuclear engineer at Fairewinds Associates, recently stated that plutonium has been found at the Fukushima nuclear plant as a "fine, powdery dust" and that pieces of nuclear fuel rods from the #3 reactor were found as far away as two miles from the plant!  This was a huge explosion that sent "MOX" fuel rods hundreds of feet straight up in the air and "volatilized" the uranium and plutonium, according to Mr. Gunderson.  MOX (mixed oxide) fuel rods contain both plutonium and uranium (as well as highly-toxic americium and curium) and were being stored on top of the nuclear reactor.  Click here for informative videos and Fukushima updates by Arnold Gunderson.


Edwin Lyman, a senior staff scientist in the Global Security program at the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) in Washington, DC, had this to say about the Fukushima #3 reactor on March 13, 2011, before it blew up:

"One particular concern with Unit 3 is the presence of mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel in the core.  MOX is a mixture of plutonium and uranium oxides.  In September 2010, 32 fuel assemblies containing MOX fuel were loaded into this reactor.  This is about 6% of the core.

"I have done considerable analysis on the safety risks associated with using MOX fuel in light-water reactors.  The use of MOX generally increases the consequences of severe accidents in which large amounts of radioactive gas and aerosol are released compared to the same accident in a reactor using non-MOX fuel, because MOX fuel contains greater amounts of plutonium and other actinides, such as americium and curium, which have high radio-toxicities.  [Source]

Arnold Gunderson has also recently reported that uranium dust from Japan has been found in Hawaii and the west coast of the US and that Americium, more toxic than plutonium, has been found in New England.  The operator of the Fukushima nuclear plant, TEPCO, has confirmed the presence of plutonium, americium and curium in the soil at the plant.  This would also indicate that the explosion at reactor #3 also blew these highly-toxic radioactive elements out into the Pacific ocean.

Furthermore, according to Arnold Gunderson and other sources, the Fukushima plant has been pouring radioactive water non-stop into the Pacific ocean.  The water to cool reactors that is being continuously pumped onto the reactors has to go somewhere.  The Kuroshio current, also known as the "black current" is picking up the deadly radioactive isotopes and bringing them to the west coast of the US, Canada and Mexico.  The picture to the left from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows how this current flows. 

The North Pacific current picks up the radioactive isotopes from the Kuroshio current and circulates the most deadly substances on this planet into Alaskan fishing waters.  According to Dr. Helen Caldicott, one millionth of a gram of plutonium when ingested (or inhaled) will cause death by cancer (if not detoxed out of the body). 


Recently, the nuclear engineering department at the University of California, Berkeley, reported that radioactive isotopes of Iodine 131, Cesium 134 and Cesium 137 have been found in milk from a local organic dairy.  Unfortunately, they also place these findings in an unscientific--and perhaps even fraudulent--context:  "Please note that though all I-131 activities have increased due to this revision, the levels are still very low -- one would have to consume at least 1,900 liters of milk to receive the same radiation dose as a cross-country airplane trip."


This bogus analogy has been used ad nauseum by the mainstream media to downplay the seriousness of the Fukushima disaster.  Exposure to the relative innocuous external radiation from space from an airplane flight is not even remotely comparable to ingesting or inhaling radioactive isotopes into the human body.  When one flies in an airplane one does not get exposed to deadly radioactive isotopes through inhalation or ingestion.  "Background radiation" has nothing to do with inhalation or ingestion of toxic radioactive elements. 


Dr. Bill Deagle recently had this to say on this subject: 

"When you're flying in an aircraft, you're being exposed to cosmic background radiation and just some very weak gamma rays, etc, and x-rays from the cosmos.  It has a momentary and transitory effect that, if anything, it's a mild stimulant to your enzymes that doesn't cause the extreme danger.  When you have internal contamination it's called the Petkau, from Dr. Petkau, it's like having a Fukushima nuclear reactor at the cellular level.  This is not the same, and anyone who says that is obviously proving that, no matter what credentials they have, they're either a liar or they are not really a scientist." [Source:  Jeff Rense interview on April 25, 2011]

The FDA is also pushing this fraudulent analogy: 

"Radiation is all around us in our daily lives and these findings are a minuscule amount compared to what people experience every day," said Patricia Hansen, senior scientist at the FDA. "A person would be exposed to low levels of radiation on a round-trip cross-country flight, watching television and even from construction materials."  [Source]


Dr. Christopher Busby

Dr. Christopher Busby is a British scientist and the Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks.  Dr. Busby attributes the current cancer epidemic to the release of nuclear radiation worldwide.  In a recent interview Dr. Busby was asked if a nuclear explosion at the Fukushima #3 reactor--as opposed to just the reported hydrogen explosion--might be concealed.  Here is Dr. Busby's response:File:Chris Busby.jpg

"I think it's possible that they would conceal this development.  The nuclear industry has a history of duplicity and cover-up.  Wherever you look they will always try and shift the information in some way that makes them come out on top.  I believe actually it probably was a nuclear explosion, but not in the reactor, but in the tanks that contain the spent fuel.  I think that seems to be almost certain now that there was some kind of nuclear explosion in that tank, the one that contained the plutonium MOX fuel rods."


"If you put a protective cover over a reactor which is still fissioning then the fission products will just go into the ground and they'll be washed out into the sea and they will still come out.  You can't seal a fissioning reactor by putting concrete on it.  It's just not possible....We're already picking up material in the United States and concentrations of uranium and plutonium are being picked up in Hawaii and in the Marianas Islands in air filters.  And also the stuff that's contaminating the sea will go all along the coast.  It's a very, very serious situation and it's being talked down by the nuclear industry and by the Japanese authorities.  And in my opinion this is a very serious matter because people are going to get sick and die as a result of this." 


"In the calculations we've made the cancer deaths from Chernobyl have been in the region of about 1,400,000 we calculated at this conference in Berlin...and we're expecting approximately the same, probably, as a result of Fukushima."


"As far as Chernobyl is concerned, we already know.  The epidemiological measurements have been done.  There have been plenty of studies done that show increases in cancer and an enormous range of ill health following Chernobyl.  And I have to say that people who ignore history are doomed to repeat it.  As far as the people who are talking this down are concerned, they're generally people connected to the nuclear industry.  And there is an awful lot of money running on whether this is the case or not."  [Source]

Dr. Michio Kaku

Theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku stated on March 13th on Democracy Now:

"Tokyo Electric has been in denial, trying to downplay the full impact of this nuclear accident.  However, there's a formula, a mathematical formula by which you can determine what level this accident is.  This accident has already released something on the order of 50,000 trillion becquerels  of radiation.  You do the math.  That puts it right smack in the middle of a level seven nuclear accident--still less than Chernobyl.  However, radiation is continuing to leak out of the reactor.  The situation is not stable at all.  So you're looking at basically a ticking time bomb.  It appears stable, but the slightest disturbance -- a secondary earthquake, a pipe break, evacuation of the crew at Fukushima -- could set off a full-scale meltdown at three nuclear power stations, far beyond what we saw at Chernobyl."  [Source]


Michio Ishikawa

Michio Ishikawa, the former head of the pro-nuclear Japan Nuclear Technology Institute (JANTI) and the current "most senior" advisor to the Institute, appeared on the Japanese television station, Asahi, on April 29, 2011 to discuss his assessment of Fukushima nuclear accident.  According to this translation of this television program, Mr. Ishikawa had this to say:

"I believe the fuel rods are completely melted.  They may already have escaped the pressure vessel.  Yes, they say 55% or 30%, but I believe they are all melted down.  When the fuel rods melt, they melt from the middle part on down.  (Showing the diagram on left) I think the temperature inside the melted core is 2000 degrees to 2000 and several hundred degrees Celsius.  A crust has formed on the surface where the water hits.  Decay heat is 2000 to 3000 kilowatts, and through the cracks on the crust the radioactive materials (mostly noble gas and iodine) are escaping into the air.  Volatile gas has almost all escaped from the reactor by now." 

"The water [inside the pressure vessel] is highly contaminated with uranium, plutonium, cesium, cobalt, in the concentration we've never seen before.  My old colleague contacted me and shared his calculation with me.  At the decay heat of 2000 kilowatt...There's a substance called cobalt 60.  Highly radioactive, needs 1 to 1.5 meter thick shields.  It kills people at 1000 curies.  He calculated that there are 10 million curies of cobalt-60 in the reactor core.  If 10% of cobalt-60 in the core dissolve into water, it's 1 million curies."  [1 curie equals 3.7 x 1010 becquerels, 37,000,000,000 becquerels or 37 gigabecquerels). 

Dr. Bill Deagle

Dr. Bill Deagle is a medical doctor with a background in nuclear physics.  You can read his credentials on his bio page at  He has an afternoon radio program on  Dr. Deagle had this to say on April 25, 2011 in an interview with Jeff Rense:Bill & Michelle Deagle

"The gathering evidence is that there is at least 150+ terabecquerels per day being released from Fukushima.  That's an enormous amount of radiation.  We also know that there is not just a few selective isotopes--as said by several so-called experts--that in fact there is a full spectrum of isotopes.  And we have data that we've been able to verify over the weekend that in fact the EPA and RadNet have got isotopic analysis to indicate more dangerous isotopes like plutonium, cesium and strontium-90 are in, across the United States and also in Europe.      


"Fukushima is a running disaster that when they give us the Japanese fairy tale that there's going to be a full shutdown by the end of the year, if they're lucky, they will not have full shutdown, but they will be able to contain to some extent the mass release of radiation into the ocean and the air, maybe by the end of the year.  And there's two big things that could stop that.  Number one is so much radioactive water they can't get workers in there to stop this mess, which is very likely.  And number two, explosions will either be hydrogen or hypercritical events in reactors one and three, which are either about to happen, which I think we run into these things in combination--hydrogen and nuclear explosions." 


"The public is not awake at all.  They don't realize that we're all being bathed with major radiation.  I watch my monitor literally all through the day and there's some days where that radiation is climbing up from 18 to 22 counts per minute, background, and then it goes up to the 50s or 60s.  I think, oh my gosh, we've got another wave coming through, particularly when it rains."


"It's a virtual guarantee we have not seen the worst of Fukushima yet.  The second thing is we can see that any dates they're putting are obviously moving barriers.  They're saying that they will have cold shutdown by the end of the year.  That means--in nuclear double speak--it means they might have control in several years."


"There's probably about 5% of humans that have very high enzyme levels and you can give them a big whackin' dosage and it basically will make their hair turn grey, but other than that it won't kill them.  We know that about one in a hundred are very radio-sensitive, so even small doses of radiation will knock them off.  So the very young...the very old will die quickly.  And people with any genetic defect that predisposes them to radiation illness or if they are nutritionally deficient in the enzymes and minerals that protect them, they're going to have accelerated aging and will die of every disease known."


"The next twenty years the fertility rate will drop and the life curve will be pushed back so people will get old more rapidly and people will develop more serious illness much more rapidly than they did in the past.  And that will happen even if you don't see a major drop off in population.  Now of course that's one of the things that's particularly concerning because Obamacare is a totalitarian health care system.  And you can't get world control--and I've said this many years--until you have health care in any nation, whether it's communist China or America or Europe, under the firm control of the globalist estate, where the doctors and the nurses become white-coat, jack-booted thugs with a needle in their hand rather than a gun in their hand."


Dr. Helen Caldicott

Dr. Helen Caldicott made the following statements on March 18th, just one week after the Fukushima disaster: 

"Japan is by orders of magnitude many times worse than Chernobyl.  Never in my life did I think that six nuclear reactors would be at risk.  I knew the three GE engineers who helped design these Mark 1 GE reactors.  They resigned because they knew they were dangerous.  So Japan built them on an earthquake fault.


"Plutonium is going to get out and spread all over the northern hemisphere and it's already heading towards North America now--plus radioactive iodine-129, it's half-life is 17 million years, plus strontium, plus cesium, plus tritium and I could go on and on and on.


"When it rains, down comes the fallout.  And it concentrates in food.  If it gets into the sea, the algae concentrate it hundreds of times, then the crustaceans concentrate it hundreds of times, and the little fish, then the big fish, then up, because we stand at the apex of the food chain.  You can't taste these radioactive elements, you can't see them and you can't smell them.  They're silent.  When you get them inside your body, you don't suddenly drop dead of cancer.  It takes five or six years to get your cancer.  And when a cancer--you feel a lump in your breast--it doesn't say, 'I was made by some strontium-90 you ate in a piece of fish you ate twenty years ago.'


"All radiation is damaging.  It's cumulative.  Each dose you get adds to your risk of cancer.  With Americium it's more dangerous than plutonium.  I mean, I could go on and on.  It depends if it rains, if you're going to get it or not....Radioactive waste will induce epidemics of cancer, leukemia and genetic disease for the rest of time.  This is the greatest public health hazard the world has ever witnessed apart from the threat every day of nuclear war."  [Source]


Bob Nichols


Beautiful, eh? France detonated this nuke in the South Pacific 7-3-70 Scientific American SygmaBob Nichols has been reporting the horrific effects of depleted uranium (DU) munitions in Iraq and Afghanistan.  He recently reported in a Veterans Today article that the radiation leaked thus far from Fukushima is equivalent to 2,000 atomic bombs and that each 500 kiloton bomb is 33 times bigger than the atom bomb that leveled Hiroshima.  According to Mr. Nichols, "All dairy products are no good.  They have Strontium 90, which at the behest of the dairy industry, has been made illegal to report."  Since the Fukushima reactors are still smoking and releasing radiation into the environment, he gives advice on practical things to do to help limit exposure to radiation from Fukushima in this article.


Leuren Moret

Leuren Moret is a geoscientist who has worked around the world on radiation issues, educating citizens, the media, members of parliaments and Congress and other officials.  She has worked in two nuclear weapons labs and became a whistleblower in 1991 at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab after experiencing major science fraud on the Yucca Mountain Project.  Leuren Moret has attributed depleted uranium as the definitive cause of the 'Gulf War Syndrome' and has also reported the increased horrific birth defects of Iraqi children from depleted uranium munitions.  She attributes the increases in cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other modern diseases to ionizing radiation.  Here is what she has stated at a talk in Portland, Oregon, April 9-10, 2011 about the Fukushima disaster:

"The reactors at Fukushima are the largest in the world and six of them are in total meltdown.  They have been melting down since thirty minutes after the tsunami because the cooling systems went off when the earthquake happened and ninety minutes after the cooling stopped the reactors go into meltdown.  This is all a cover-up.  This is a false flag.  This is more poisoning of the oceans and the atmosphere and the biosphere.  No one can escape."


"Four of those reactors blew up from hydrogen explosions and the fuel rods went shooting high into the air and that has poisoned all of North America.  And I mean the west coast of Canada, the west coast of the United States and the west coast of Mexico.  That's the food basket for North America.  And this is at levels like bomb testing.  This is like levels of Chernobyl, release close to the ground, and has poisoned the whole world.  And now we have something that is at least ten times worse--many times worse than Chernobyl--because the reactor at Chernobyl that caught on fire was half the size of the small reactor in unit 1 and it was mostly fuel rods of uranium that burned instead of spent fuel rods, that represent a real nuclear war, that burned at Fukushima."  [Source]

Radiation Reports in the US and Pacific Islands


Iodine-131 from Japan has been reported in milk from Little Rock, Arkansas, three times higher than the EPA's maximum contaminant level (MCL) for water.  Iodine-131 from the Fukushima disaster has also been reported in the following locations:


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;

St. Paul, Minnesota;

Spokane, Washington;

Richmond, California;

San Francisco Bay area;

Richland, Washington;

Phoenix, Arizona;

Los Angeles, California;

Oak Ridge, Tennessee;

Chatanooga, Tennessee;

Helena, Montana;

Columbia, Pennsylvania;

Cincinnati, Ohio;

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;

East Liverpool, Ohio;

Painesville, Ohio;

Denver, Colorado;

Detroit, Michigan;

Trenton, New Jersey;

Waretown, New Jersey;

Muscle Shoals, Alabama;

Montgomery, Alabama;

Salt Lake City, Utah;

Boston, Massachusetts;

Nome, Alaska;

Juneau, Alaska;

Dutch Harbor, Alaska;

Las Vegas, Nevada


Rainwater samples from Boise, Idaho contained cesium 134, cesium 137 and iodine 131 from Japan.  Cesium 137 was found in Montpelier, Vermont; Radionuclides from Japan were also detected at the Sequoyah nuclear plant in Tennessee


Isotopes of cesium and tellurium were found in Boise; Las Vegas; Nome and Dutch Harbor; Honolulu, Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii; Anaheim, Riverside, San Francisco, and San Bernardino, California; Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida; Salt Lake City, Utah; Guam, and Saipan on the Marina Islands.


Strontium 89 was recently found in milk in Hilo, Hawaii.


The EPA has made it very difficult to find information about Fukushima radiation in the US on the EPA website.  Here is a website that consolidates that information and confirms Dr. Helen Caldicott's predictions about radioactive plutonium, cesium and strontium from Fukushima landing in the US.




In spite of the fact that radioactive uranium, plutonium, americium, strontium, cesium 134, cesium 137 and iodine 131 from Fukushima have been found in the United States, pro-nuclear president Barack Obama stated in a speech three days after the reactor #3 explosion:

"We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the United States, whether its the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific.  Let me repeat that:  We do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or U.S. territories in the Pacific. That is the judgment of our Nuclear Regulatory Commission and many other experts.

"Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and public health experts do not recommend that people in the United States take precautionary measures beyond staying informed.  And going forward, we will continue to keep the American people fully updated -- because I believe that you must know what I know as President."  [Obama's March 17, 2011 speech]

It therefore comes as no surprise that Obama has not required the FDA, EPA, NOAA or other federal agency to monitor radiation levels in Alaska fish.  In mid-April, the FDA spokeswoman said that "so far, there's no reason for concern about Fukushima.  The radioactive materials in the water near Fukushima quickly become diluted in the massive volume of the Pacific.  Fallout that lands on the surface tends to stay there, giving the most unstable ones, isotopes such as iodine, time to decay before reaching fish, she said." [Source


Notice that the FDA is not even mentioning the radioactive plutonium, americium, curium, cesium, strontium, etc. that is also being dumped into the already highly-radioactive waters off the Fukushima coast.  All these radioactive isotopes will wind up in living organisms in the sea and eventually--if not already--on dinner tables in America and elsewhere in the world.  This reality, if publicly known, could spell the death of Obama's nuclear renaissance.

The state of Alaska is also not testing fish for radiation.  After all, to do so could be financially devastating for the Alaska fishing industry so they are passing the buck to the feds who are doing nothing but covering up the truth.  It is probably not too late to stock up on wild-caught, radiation-free canned fish and crab from Alaska.


The FDA is not mentioning or testing for the most deadly radionuclides:  plutonium, americium and curium.  According to the FDA's Radiation Safety FAQ on the FDA website:   "Iodine-131 (I-131), Cesium-134 (Cs-134) and Cesium-137 (Cs-137) are the radionuclides of greatest concern to the food supply following a nuclear power plant accident.  Along with those three radionuclides, FDA also monitors others as needed among them, Strontium-90, Ruthenium-103 (Ru-103) and Ruthenium-106 (Ru-106).  Since the Fukushima nuclear accident, FDA has screened incoming food items [from Japan only] for these radionuclides and others as needed.  FDA also continually evaluates data and information from the accident and adjusts monitoring activities as needed.


In spite of the fact that the Japanese have found radionuclides in fish, the FDA also stated on their website: 


"At this time, there is no public health threat in the U.S. related to radiation exposure.  FDA, together with other agencies, is carefully monitoring any possibility for distribution of radiation to the United States.  At this time, theoretical models do not indicate that significant amounts of radiation will reach the U.S. coast or affect U.S. fishing waters....As of Friday, April 29, 2011, FDA import investigators had performed 6,536 field examinations for radionuclide contamination. FDA had tested 298 samples, 71 of which were seafood or seafood products, and had found no I-131, Cesium-134, Cesium-137 or other gamma-ray emitting radionuclides of concern....FDA does not anticipate any public health effect on seafood safety....At this time, there is no radiation safety risk related to milk produced in the U.S.


Of course, no one in the US is going to drop dead tomorrow from Fukushima's radioactive isotopes.  Cancer and other symptoms of radiation poisoning takes years to develop unless one adjusts one's dietary intake to include radioprotective substances. 




Here are some suggestions for detoxification of radioactive isotopes and promoting good health naturally:


Essiac tea is a foundational tea for detoxification.  The burdock in Essiac tea contains niacin, which is known to eliminate poisons from the body, including radiation.  Burdock also supports organs of detoxification such as the skin, kidney and liver.  Studies have shown anti-tumor activity in burdock.  Japanese scientists have isolated an antimutagenic property in burdock, which they call the "B factor".  (Antimutagenic substances decrease mutations in cells and organisms.  Other powerful antimutagenic herbs are garlic, ginger, turmeric/curcumin and citrus peel.)  The Japanese grow burdock root for food as well as medicine.  Extracts of burdock seed have demonstrated potent anticancer action leukemia. 


According to Rene Caisse, sheep sorrel is the herb in Essiac treatments that attacks cancer.  The quality of sheep sorrel from most companies is sub-standard because they harvest in the summer after the sheep sorrel has bloomed and it contains a great deal of worthless stems.  Essiac tea must also contain sheep sorrel roots, so be sure to buy Essiac tea from a company that includes sheep sorrel roots in their formula or dig up the roots yourself.  Rene Caisse also used a salve to treat radiation burns on cancer patients who received radiation therapy.  The salve contained burdock root, slippery elm inner bark and balsam of Peru. 


Dr. Russel Blaylock


Dr. Blaylock appeared on the Jeff Rense internet radio show on April 20th (first hour).  This was an excellent interview with some very important information about protecting oneself from radiation with natural herbs and supplements.  This interview is now on YouTube


Curcumin is a scientifically-proven natural solution to cancer and radiation.  Curcurmin is a powerful antioxidant that is extracted from the herb turmeric.  Dr. Blaylock recommends curcurmin as "a powerful radioprotectant for all tissues, cells and organs....The most efficient way to absorb curcumin is to mix 1/2 of a teaspoon in one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.  This can be mixed with food or taken whole."   Curcumin has a beautiful yellow-orange color and is milder tasting than turmeric root powder.  Curcumin should be added to food after it is cooked.  Heat can sometimes alter the medicinal properties of natural substances.  One can also buy curcumin in capsules or buy bulk curcumin and put it in capsules with a do-it-yourself capsule maker.


For more information about curcumin and other natural, radioprotective solutions, visit Dr. Blaylock's website and purchase his "Nuclear Sunrise" e-book.  Curcurmin is rather expensive when buying it in capsules from health food stores. is a good source for bulk curcumin that is more affordable than capsules.


Other radioprotective herbs:  kelp, seaweed, purple dulse, chlorella, miso and tamari (fermented soy), garlic, ginger, ginkgo biloba, echinacea, eleuthero, panax ginseng,  green tea, basil, rosemary


SUPPLEMENTS:  a complete vitamin/mineral complex with focus on vitamin C, vitamin E, B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, selenium, beta glucan, quercetin, carotenids, IP-6, melatonin, alpha-lipoic acid, zeolite


Dr. Bill Deagle sells radiation detoxification supplements on his website


COLON CLEANSING and DETOXING:  colon stimulation herbs such as senna, cascara sagrada, ginger, rhubarb root, etc. in capsule form (available from Dr. Richard Schulze as "Formula #1"); colon cleansing using flax/psyllium seeds and husks, apple pectin, clay, slippery elm bark, charcoal, fennel (available from Dr. Richard Schulze as "Formula #2"); colon hydrotherapy; herbs for liver support such as milk thistle, dandelion, taheebo, burdock; Essiac tea assists colon cleansing and liver detoxing.  A natural diet with plenty of raw foods is also necessary to maintain health.


CLAY:  French green clay, Montmorillonite clay, or bentonite clay with plenty of water. 


Niacin can also flush out radiation as well as other toxins, especially when used in conjunction with a wet sauna or steam room sweat.  However, one should take balanced mega-vitamin/mineral supplements in the proper ratio to the intake of niacin under the guidance of a naturopath and someone properly trained in this method.  I recently talked with a man who used this method of purification and he said that it did indeed run out the radiation.  This was a most unusual case because in his younger life he was exposed to radiation from a nuclear reactor in a submarine.  He said that at one point during the first week using this purification method he sweated out the radiation and it appeared as a light green glow about a 1/2 inch above his skin and could be seen by the people around him.  For more information about this program, contact the  [Important note:  Buffered niacin, or niacinamide, will not flush out radiation.]


Article:  Effective Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure




While Obama and the FDA continue to downplay the Fukushima disaster, the FDA attacks yet another food supplement manufacturer who promotes health through natural means.  On April 14, 2011 armed FDA agents with bullet-proof vests raided Maxam Nutraceutics in Hood River, Oregon.  According to the owner, James Cole:   "They took all our products, all our paperwork, all our files.  We've been doing this since 1992 and they pulled everything.  They brought in three big moving vans, they had their guns on, their bullet-proof vests.  They came prepared for war." [Source]  The FDA agents were assisted by IRS and FBI agents for a total of 46 armed agents.  The Hood River police also assisted.


The FDA sent a warning letter in October of 2010 and Mr. Cole believed he had complied with their threats.  The FDA warning letter indicated that the FDA was particularly offended by Mr. Cole's descriptions of his products and the testimonials from customers.  Mr. Cole sells a detoxification product as well as a number of other products.  Mr. Cole has removed all descriptions from the natural "dietary supplements" on the Maxam Nutraceutics website, so customers can not find out anything about their products or what each product is supposed to be good for.  This is ludicrous!

Theoretically, it would be reasonable for the government to take action where people have reported being defrauded by snake oil medicine mongers.  However, there was no fraud alleged, there were no customer complaints, no one was harmed by Maxam Nutraceutics products and there was no injured party. 


This was clearly another First Amendment violation on the part of the Obama administration.  However, it is important to note that both Democrat and Republican presidents have uniformly used the FDA to attack free speech for decades.  Both parties are owned and controlled not by We the People but by the big oil/banking establishment, often referred to as the "Bilderbergers". 


The FDA recently raided an Amish farmer for selling raw milk. 




The US Supreme Court recently denied a request for an expedited hearing from Virginia's constitutional challenge of the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (PPACA), Public Law 111-353, aka "Obamacare".


Dr. Bill Deagle recently had this to say about Obamacare: 

"By the time it works its way through the lower courts, any doctor worth his salt will either leave America or go into retirement.  And the nurses who try to take over these jobs will be asking for a very bad situation.  So they're going to decimate health care and, of course, at the very time when I expect illness is going to go skyrocket.  And of course at the same time they're devaluating the dollar so people won't be able to afford health insurance.  And, of course, if they follow the model that the state of Massachusetts--from one of our so-called presidential candidates--they're going to penalize you or send the IRS after you if you don't pay up.  That's part of Obamacare.  This isn't a conspiracy theory. [Source:  Jeff Rense interview on April 25, 2011]

The Investor's Business Daily conducted a poll of 1,376 doctors in August of 2009 before Obamacare was passed into law.  The poll found that four out of every nine doctors (44%) said they "would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement" if Congress passed Obamacare.  The doctors polled also felt that fewer students would apply for medical school if the plan became law.

A Merritt Hawkins survey of 2,379 doctors for, completed in August of 2011 (after PPACA was signed into law), found that 40% of doctors said they would "retire, seek a nonclinical job in health care, or seek a job or business unrelated to health care" over the next three years as PPACA is phased in.   The Physician's Foundation panel summarized their findings by stating: 

"Health reform will, on balance, contribute to a growing shortage of physicians, and that patients in a variety of categories, including those enrolled in Medicare and Medicaid, will find it increasingly difficult to access physician services in a timely manner.  Reform will create significant additional demand for physician services but will not create enough new physicians to meet existing and emerging demand."

   The key findings of this survey were as follows:

1) The majority of physicians responded unfavorably to passage of health reform.

2) The majority of physicians believe health reform will increase their patient loads while decreasing the financial viability of their practices.

3) The majority of physicians plan to alter their practices patterns in ways that will reduce patient access to their practices, by retiring, working part-time or taking other steps.

4) Physician practice styles will be increasingly less homogenous. The full-time, independent practitioner accepting third party payment will largely be supplanted by employed, part-time, locum tenens, and concierge practitioners.

Dr. David Janda talks about what will happen when Obamacare is fully implemented:  If you haven't already seen this video, please take the time to watch it.  Dr. Janda gave this speech on October 13, 2010.


In spite of the fact that Big Pharma and mainstream medicine kill and maim hundreds of thousands of people every year in the US alone, the current "health care" system is, of course, not all bad.  Indeed, emergency rooms often save lives.  If one is in a car accident and needs to be patched up or if one is shot by someone like Dick Cheney in a "hunting accident", a mainstream doctor is probably your best bet.  However, it appears that the new "health care" reform, if not repealed, will become an American nightmare.


Dr. Drew Pinsky made this prediction regarding Obama's so-called health care reform: 


"You will see a massive flight of doctors from the field and hospital closures.


Since Obamacare was passed by the US Congress and is opposed by most states, it comes as no surprise that Congress now has only a 9% approval rating!



We are not just approaching--we are in--a very intense period in Earth's history.  Knowledge can empower.  Please use this information to empower yourself, your friends and family.  History shows us that these times are not unusual.  However, times like these require human beings to summon up an unusual amount of self-determination and courage--enough to take the reins to turn things around.  It has been done in the past and it can be done now.  We do not have to be the effect, we can be the cause.  The powers that be will seek to divide us, but nevertheless we can work together to create positive change.  As David Icke put it:  "We are the change we have been waiting for!"

By Question Authority

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