HFI Newsletter September 8, 2007

Damning research could spell the end of VeriChip

The Associated Press will issue a breaking story this weekend revealing that microchip implants have induced cancer in laboratory animals and dogs, says privacy expert and long-time VeriChip opponent Dr. Katherine Albrecht.

As the AP will report, a series of research articles spanning more than a decade found that mice and rats injected with glass-encapsulated RFID transponders developed malignant, fast-growing, lethal cancers in up to 1% to 10% of cases. The tumors originated in the tissue surrounding the microchips and often grew to completely surround the devices, the researchers said.

Albrecht first became aware of the microchip-cancer link when she and her "Spychips" co-author, Liz McIntyre, were contacted by a pet owner whose dog had died from a chip-induced tumor. Albrecht then found medical studies showing a causal link between microchip implants and cancer in other animals. Before she brought the research to the AP's attention, none of the studies had received widespread public notice.

A four-month AP investigation turned up additional documents, several of which had been published before VeriChip's parent
company, Applied Digital Solutions, sought FDA approval to market the implant for humans. The VeriChip received FDA approval in 2004 under the watch of then Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson who later joined the board of the company.  Thompson, who recently bowed out of the presidential race, advocated widespread use of VeriChip implants to access medical records.  "It's very beneficial and it's going to be extremely helpful and it's a giant step forward to getting what we call an electronic medical record for all Americans," he told CBS MarketWatch in July 2005.  He also suggested implanting military personnel with the chips to replace dog tags.  (Click on the image on the left to see the VeriChip RFID implant and tumor.) 

Under FDA policy, it would have been VeriChip's responsibility to bring the adverse studies to the FDA's attention, but VeriChip CEO Scott Silverman claims the company was unaware of the research.  Albrecht expressed skepticism that a company like VeriChip, whose primary business is microchip implants, would be unaware of relevant studies in the published literature.

"For Mr. Silverman not to know about this research would be negligent. If he did know about these studies, he certainly had an incentive to keep them quiet," said Albrecht. "Had the FDA known about the cancer link, they might never have approved his company's product."

Since gaining FDA approval, VeriChip has aggressively targeted diabetic and dementia patients, and recently announced that it had chipped 90 Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers in Florida. Employees in the Mexican Attorney General's Office, workers in a U.S. security firm, and club-goers in Europe have also been implanted.  Albrecht expressed concern for those who have received a chip implant, urging them to get the devices removed as soon as possible. 

"These new revelations change everything," she said. "Why would anyone take the risk of a cancer chip in their arm?"

"There's no way in the world, having read this information, that I would have one of those chips implanted in my skin, or in one of my family members," said Dr. Robert Benezra, head of the Cancer Biology Genetics Program at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Tommy Thompson has been a real shot in the arm for the VeriChip corporation, which has rewarded him with options on 166,667 shares of VeriChip Corp. stock, and options on an additional 100,000 shares of stock from its parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, according to SEC records.  He also received $40,000 in cash in 2005 and $40,000 in 2006, the filings show.  Thompson is also a partner at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP, a Washington law firm that was paid $1.2 million for legal services it provided the chip maker in 2005 and 2006, according to SEC filings.   Although Thompson has expressed that he has no concerns at all about injecting a chip in his arm, he has yet to be chipped himself.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht is the director of CASPIAN (Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering), an organization she founded in 1999 to advocate free-market, consumer-based solutions to the problem of retail privacy invasion.   She is also a talk show host of "Uncovering the Truth" every weekday from 10am-12noon EST on the We The People Radio Network.

Katherine is widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts on consumer privacy. She regularly speaks on the consumer privacy and civil liberties impacts of new technologies, with an emphasis on RFID and retail issues. She has testified on RFID technology before the Federal Trade Commission, state legislatures, the European Commission, and the Federal Reserve Bank, and she has given over a thousand television, radio and print interviews to news outlets all over the world. Her efforts have been featured on CNN, NPR, the CBS Evening News, Business Week, and the London Times, to name just a few.  Executive Technology Magazine has called Katherine "perhaps the country's single most vocal privacy advocate" and Wired magazine calls her the "Erin Brockovich" of RFID".  Dr. Albrecht has announced she will also be appearing on the Coast to Coast radio program on Monday night, September 10th.

Dr. Albrecht is also warning people about the inherent security risks with the microchip implant or RFID "no-swipe" credit/debit cards.  A criminal can simply walk by you with a scanner and extract all the information needed from your purse, wallet or VeriChip implant to empty your bank account without your knowledge.  She also exposes how RFID chips are placed in products to track purchases.  Learn more about her book and efforts to wake people up to the evils of human microchip implants at www.spychips.org.

Aaron Russo has also been exposing the plan of the international bankers to force microchip implants on all American citizens in a cashless society.  He publicly announced this in his movie "Freedom to Fascism".  In a video-taped interview with Alex Jones, Aaron Russo explained how he had become good friends with one of the Rockefeller family.  Nick Rockefeller eventually revealed to Mr. Russo their Orwellian plans to force us into a cashless society and make everyone take the chip in order to conduct financial transactions and be tracked by Big Brother 24 hours a day.  Unfortunately, Aaron Russo died last month on August 24th after a long battle with cancer.  CLICK HERE for the links to watch "Freedom to Fascism" and Aaron Russo's revealing interview. 

Click on the following link to read the AP article just released:  http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hYssebw3_FRuof2bdR1YdCo8OgXA

Dr. Gene Wanker says:  "Hey folks, why pay cash at the check stand when all you have to do is pass your VeriChipped wrist over the scanner?  It's quick, easy, safe and natural!  And don't pay any attention to those whacko conspiracy theorists.  Just because this cute little chip kills animals doesn't mean it's gonna kill humans!  Duhhh!  What's wrong with people, anyway?  I mean, before we start drawing wild conclusions and pointing fingers we need to do some human experimentation, right?  My company will pay you top dollar to be part of my unbiased experiment, which a very reputable corporation, VeriChip, has graciously agreed to fund.  Sign up at www.iwanttobeaguineapig.com now!

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