Health Freedom Info (HFI) is an educational website whose mission is to peacefully restore our natural rights & freedoms and to promote health through natural remedies. 

Health Freedom Info (HFI) is simply a network of people who share health and freedom related information and exercise their natural rights including free association and communication, etc.  HFI is not a corporation or other fictional entity.  There are no membership lists, dues, etc.  The primary purpose of this website is to help restore our natural rights and freedoms.  We also want to introduce people to natural herbal remedies as an alternative to unnatural, pharmaceutical cartel poisons.

* Health Freedom Info is not a business or commercial enterprise.  The visitation of the Health Freedom Info web site by any person or governmental agency constitutes tacit admission and consent to the sole jurisdiction/principles of Natural Law (original native jurisdiction of Turtle Island).  THEREFORE, all Natural Human Rights and Freedoms are hereby secured and preserved, any and all mere de facto political laws, codes, regulations, statutes, administrative procedures, government alphabet agencies and/or United Nations treaties to the contrary notwithstanding.  Nothing on this web site shall be construed as legal advice or medical advice or treatment.  For medical or legal advice please bend over and consult a qualified, licensed profe$$ional :-)





“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

By Question Authority

Question Authority is the collective pen name of writer/researchers who prefer not to bring attention to themselves but to the information itself.  In this age of ego-driven internet personalities the cautionary message is to do your own in-depth research, which includes investigating the source of the information.  That is why we place links to the source of the information whenever possible.  Always, always, always QUESTION AUTHORITY!

Good Health To You!


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