Sheep Sorrel

(Rumex acetosella)

Sheep sorrel (Rumex acetosella) is one of the most important herbs in Essiac tea.  Essiac researcher and friend to Rene Caisse, Sheila Snow, obtained the following information from Dr. Chester Stock of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.  In April of 1974 Rene Caisse wrote the following to Dr. Chester Stock:  "The herb that will destroy a cancer is the dog-eared sheep sorrel, sometimes called sourgrass.  The entire plant must be used."  Rene Caisse used the whole sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, and she stated that sheep sorrel roots were "very essential" to the Essiac formula.

According to the GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE:  "Sheep sorrel is gaining popularity as an anticancer agent and for its ability to break down and reduce tumors.  A poultice made from sheep sorrel is reported to have a drawing effect on tumors or cysts.  Sheep sorrel's rutins and polysaccharides act to prevent tumors and other cancerous growths.  The beta carotene contained in sheep sorrel acts as an antioxidant, increasing the production of white blood cells and T-cells (cancer-killing cells).  The chlorophyll in sheep sorrel acts to purify the liver, promote regeneration of tissue, decrease swelling of the pancreas, strengthen cell walls, cleanse the blood, and may increase resistance to x rays.  The oxalic acid also has antitumor and anticancer properties.  Sheep sorrel has also been used to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. 

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"Herbalists recommend sheep sorrel for treating mouth and throat ulcers, digestive disorders, hemorrhoids, loss of appetite, fevers, scurvy, and infections.  The juice extracted from the fresh plant is used to treat urinary and kidney disease.  Sheep sorrel can be applied externally as a topical wash for skin problems such as herpes, eczema, and itchy rashes including poison ivy and hives.

"All parts of sheep sorrel (leaves, flowers, roots, and stems) are used medicinally.  The leaves and stems should be harvested in the spring or summer before the flowers form.  The roots are harvested in the fall.  Small quantities of the leaves of sheep sorrel may be eaten in salads or boiled as a green vegetable.  Sheep sorrel is also available in tincture, capsule, or tea form.  The leaves are brewed as a tea to treat fever, inflammation, and scurvy.  A tea made from the roots is used for diarrhea and excessive menstrual bleeding."  [THE GALE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, pp. 1570-1571]

Sheila Snow wrote about sheep sorrel roots in her first book, THE ESSENCE OF ESSIAC:  "A decoction of the root alone helps check stomach hemorrhage and blood coughed up from the lungs, clear up a jaundice condition as the liver is cleansed, and assist the expulsion of gravel from the bladder or kidneys.  Externally, the decoction of the root has also healed acne, boils and eczema, when taken internally at the same time." 

Garden sorrel (Rumex acetosa) is not medicinally the same as the smaller, wild sheep sorrel called (Rumex acetosella) and therefore garden sorrel should not be substituted for Rumex acetosella.

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"We all have the right to benefit from Essiac because no one can stop us making it, no one can stop us taking it and no one can stop us deciding how and when we're going to do it."  [THE ESSIAC BOOK by Mali Klein, 2006] 

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Rene Caisse and her Herbal Cancer Treatment, ESSIAC


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